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Welcome to SMA Network, the ultimate Game-Changer in Book Promotion!

Ready to shatter limits? We unleash the explosive power of Crowd Marketing using video and YouTube to propel your book into the spotlight and fueling a frenzy of anticipation for your success!

Through SMA, you can showcase your work through captivating book readings, engaging audiobook excerpts, compelling trailers, and more, all meticulously curated to attract and captivate your target audience. Elevate your author brand, increase your visibility, and watch your book sales soar with Share My Audience.

What is SMA?

SMA is a digital powerhouse that transforms the traditional book tour into an online viral sensation. SMA is revolutionizing the conventional book tour, morphing it into an online spectacle that enthralls a global audience.

Leveraging digital mediums, we catapult your book to stardom, sparking a contagious buzz that fuels reader enthusiasm and curiosity across the globe.

Let's turn your book into an exhilarating adventure complete with a tour, soaring to unprecedented levels of exposure and interaction in the virtual realm. Embark with us to activate the full force of digital marketing like you've never experienced!

Why SMA?

Joining SMA offers numerous benefits: it can boost your sales, provide a platform to display your work, enable you to embed links, and connect you with a burgeoning community of skilled authors in the literary sphere. SMA, established by authors for authors, aims to highlight the exceptional works of emerging writers. For self-published authors, SMA serves as a champion, promoting their remarkable stories and the authors behind them.

How It Works:

Sign up for SMA at just $249, submit your story and we will create a campaign and schedule your interview, plan your content that includes online reading, audiobook excerpts videos, movie-styled trailers, and more. Watch as your visibility and your views soar among a targeted audience of book lovers.

Imagine a whole marketing team crafting a single campaign that offers you visibility to a targeted audience, leading to increased opportunities for sales!

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Our service stands out due to our dedication to highlighting each author as a standout in the science fiction genre. With every feature, we enhance your profile among sci-fi enthusiasts, bolstered by integrated links that boost direct sales. Our platform goes beyond mere book promotion; it fosters enduring relationships that keep readers captivated and authors prosperous.

Ready to amplify your book sales? Join Share My Audience (SMA) today and unlock your book's full potential.

Authors need marketing too!

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Last updated Apr 4, 2024

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Authors Promoting Other Authors

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