Share My Audience (Historical SciFi Authors Only)

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Benefits of Share My Audience: Be Our Next Featured Author

✅ Amplify Your Reach: Showcase your expertise and stories to our (Watcher in the Fall) engaged audience, expanding your visibility and connecting with more readers. (Historical SciFi authors only).

✅ Customized Content Plan: We'll start with a tailored plan for content, and strategy that highlights your title and your journey to the story featured on our YouTube Channel "Watcher In The Fall", driving viewers to your page and boosting your book sales.

✅ Social Media Exposure: Your interview video will be shared across our social media platforms, extending your reach and attracting a wider audience.

✅ Enhanced Online Presence: We'll include all your important links, directing viewers to your book page, website, and social media profiles. Don't have a page? We'll help you create one.

✅ Engaged Audience: Connect with passionate readers who are eager to discover new authors and engage with captivating stories.

✅ Professional Support: Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience and maximizing the impact of your featured guest appearance.

✅ Elevate Your Author Brand: Gain credibility and recognition as you share your expertise and captivating stories, positioning yourself as an authority in your genre.

✅ Drive Book Sales: With increased visibility and exposure, you'll have a greater opportunity to attract readers and boost your book sales.

✅ Exclusive Opportunity: Join a select group of featured guests and tap into the power of Share My Audience to take your author career to new heights.

✅ Collaborative Approach: We're dedicated to your success and will work closely with you to create a promotional plan that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

✅ Expand Your Network: Connect with fellow authors and industry influencers, fostering new connections and potential collaborations.

Welcome to Share My Audience, where we specialize in crowd marketing to get you more views and attract a broader audience. We create a pool of viewers based on persona and invite you to add your title to their scope.

Services include:

Option 1: Author Interview - $97

Share your captivating story and forge a personal connection with readers through our in-depth author interview. Engage your audience, inspire interest in your book, and expand your fan base. Includes 15-minute interview fully edited and optimized running on our channel with the promotional ad for 4 weeks.

Option 2: Month of Shorts - $199

Harness the power of crowd marketing with a Month of Shorts, our awesome promotional ads. Watch as your book gains visibility and attracts increased traffic to your page, boosting engagement and generating more views. Includes: 8 custom shorts (2 per week) ready to be shared on 2 platforms.

Option 3: Custom Book Trailer - $249

Make a visual impact and captivate potential readers with a custom book trailer. Our team of experts will design and create from script to screen, a visually stunning trailer that showcases the essence of your book, leaving viewers eager to discover more. Airing the trailer on all relevant social media channels, including featured on "Watcher in The Fall Historical Scifi Channel". You will get a 30-second, :60-second, and 15-minute interview, with 1 promoted video every week, allowing you to share the preview of your book with our 100k viewers.

Option 4: Ultra Promotional Bundle $449 per month

The Watcher In The Fall Promo Bundle includes:

1. The Author's Interview (20 Min video & audio)

2. Cinematic Video (3 versions: :15, :30, :60)

3. 4 weeks/3 posts per week /3 platforms

4. 4 weeks of promotional ads

5. SEO tool sheet for videos

Don't miss this opportunity to amplify your book's visibility. Please choose the options that align with your goals, and order the Share My Audience package today. Let us help you reach a broader audience and achieve the views your book deserves!

Order Now and Unleash the Power of Crowd Marketing!

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Share My Audience (Historical SciFi Authors Only)

0 ratings